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Repair Hole in Hardwood Floor

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Repair Hole in Hardwood Floor

Termites may be important for the ecosystem, but no homeowner would ever be happy finding these insects crawling around their home. These creatures are capable of causing great destruction to homes and, of course, their favorite hardwood floors. Repairs of these damages can be quite costly. Fortunately, some termite damage to hardwood floors can be salvaged without replacing the hardwood.

Check out how we repaired this termite damage in hardwood floor without removing and replacing the whole board!

Step 1: Isolate the hole in the hardwood floor.
repair hole in hardwood floor
Step 2: Shape the filler piece of wood to fill the hole.
patching hardwood floors
Step 3: Install the filler wood piece and wait for the epoxy to dry.
hardwood floor repair with filler wood
Step 4: Shave the filler wood to be leveled with the hardwood floor.
patching hardwood floors with stained filler wood
Step 5: Add stain and grain marks to the filler wood piece.
drying repaired hole in hardwood floor
Step 6: Wait for the wood stain to dry.
hardwood floor repair termite hole
Finished! Where did the termite damaged hole in the hardwood go?

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Trending Now: Long & Wide Wood Plank Flooring

Hardwood floors have always been one of the most coveted floor coverings for their attractive timeless beauty and simple cleaning. Even so, hardwood flooring manufacturers continue to raise the bar and create innovative hardwood floors with advanced functionality and fresh new styles.

The latest wood trend that has been captivating homeowners is long and wide plank hardwood flooring. This new style offers a modern twist to traditional hardwood floors.

Long and Wide Hardwood Plank Flooring by Mirage Floors – Maple White Mist Light Character in the Flair Collection

Beautiful Emphasis on the Wood

With longer and wider boards, the distinctive natural patterns and textures of the wood are more visible. Additionally, with larger wood planks, less boards are required to fill up the room. Therefore, there are less visible joints to distract your attention away from the intrinsic characteristics of the wood.

A Sense of Openness

Not only are the appearances of long and wide plank wood flooring more enhanced, the longer and wider boards can create a sense of openness, which makes a room appear bigger and more spacious. Thus, wide plank flooring is increasingly becoming a favorite, especially for large open house plans.

shaw-floors-long-wide-hardwood-floorsWide Wood Plank Floors by Shaw Floors – Continental Hardwood Floors in the Color Espresso

See them at Slaughterbeck Floors!

You can find a variety of long and wide plank hardwood floors at Slaughterbeck Floors. With wood collections from our own Signature Lines to popular manufacturers like Shaw, Mirage, and Lauzon, you can be sure to find the perfect wide plank wood floors for your home or business.

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Polyvinyl Flooring, PVC Flooring & Vinyl Flooring – What’s the Difference?

There has been some confusion between the different terms revolving around vinyl floors. Some call
them polyvinyl floors while others refer to them as PVC floors. Additionally, vinyl floors are also known as vinyl composition tile flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. Well, what are the differences between all
these floor coverings?

What is PVC Flooring and How is it Related to Vinyl Flooring?

PVC flooring or polyvinyl flooring is none other than alternative terms for vinyl flooring! PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, which is the material that makes up vinyl flooring. Thus, it is often shortened to polyvinyl flooring or simply, vinyl flooring, the most common term for this particular floor covering.

Vinyl Flooring in a Checkerboard Pattern Installed by Slaughterbeck Floors in a Kitchen Located in San Jose, CA

What are the Differences Between VCT Flooring and LVT Flooring?

While vinyl flooring is a general and broad term for the type of flooring, VCT flooring and LVT flooring describes the specific style of vinyl flooring.

  • Vinyl composition tile flooring is typically known as VCT flooring. It is the traditional style of vinyl flooring that has been around for decades. These are sometimes available as vinyl sheet flooring.
  • Luxury vinyl flooring is known as either LVT (luxury vinyl tile) or LVP (luxury vinyl plank). These are the modern improvements of vinyl flooring that offers superior durability and designs that can impeccably mimic the appearance of wood, stones, marble, and ceramic floors.

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