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Made In USA, A Growing Trend

Leading distributors say they are turning to domestically produced laminate flooring to lower inventory levels while freeing up cash and credit for promotional efforts. Meanwhile, specialty retailers reported that consumers prefer laminates made in the USA, even if they cost slightly more. They added that shoppers prefer to buy American when given the choice between similarly priced and styled products.

Importing laminate flooring from China requires a heavy up front investment to insure sufficient inventory levels, and it requires weeks to months to replenish, while sourcing domestically puts products in his hands in days. This trend toward domestically made laminate products is likely to grow. And, that’s good for America. Be sure to look at the USA Made products Slaughterbeck Floors, Inc., offers customers.

usa flagLook for this flag icon next to the logos of our suppliers on our products pages to see which ones provide USA made products.