Testimonial / Marie B.

Marie B.

“I had used Slaughterbeck Floors 3 times since 1990, so I knew the quality of their work and I trust them completely.
After a full home remodel, completed in November 2023, I noticed that the company hired by my contractor to refinish my 80 year old oak floors did an awful job, almost ruining the wood. There were ripples on the floors throughout the house, sanding circle scuffs at the doorways, and holes and flaws pretty much everywhere that had not been filled. In addition, there were gouges in the kitchen area where the workers had dragged appliances into place. It was a mess.
I called Slaughterbeck and Paul came out to access the issues and agreed to take on this very challenging “fix” job. He put one of his best guys on the job which I appreciated so much.
Dominic was AMAZING! He turned a really bad situation into a beautiful floor. His expertise was evident in every aspect of his approach. From educating me about the issues he saw, proposing solutions to fix the issues, and communicating with me through the entire process. The result was incredible. I am so happy with the result and with the experience I’ve had with Slaughterbeck every step of the way. Fantastic customer service, knowledgeable and talented staff, and craftsmen who really care about getting it right.
Thank you to the entire company for helping me with a really difficult issue.”