Floor-ology / A Growing Number of Mature Consumers Favor Comfort & Style

A Growing Number of Mature Consumers Favor Comfort & Style

For many years, “mature” buyers weren’t seen as investing in major kitchen and bath remodels in great numbers—certainly not the way the baby boomers did, with their growing families, growing incomes and desire to keep up with (or surpass) the Jones. Nor were “mature” buyers viewed as offering the same opportunity as young consumers, who, despite limited disposable income, tended toward more creative designs and lots of technology, with the added bonus of potentially being customers for many decades to come.

But with the aging of America, that’s all changing. Older consumers are remodeling in higher numbers than in years past—surpassing other age demographics for the first time ever, according to several recent studies.

So why the remodeling rush among the senior set?

For one thing, studies show that older consumers are far less likely to have lost big money during the economic upheaval of the past few years, with many starting with a larger financial cushion from their many years in the work force. And, they also seem to have made safer investment choices over the last few years.

On top of that, older consumers are living longer, working longer, staying in their homes longer, and becoming more fashion forward than in years past.

So while they want accessible storage, better lighting and products that will help them age in place, they also want stylish products that are durable, low-maintenance and well suited for entertaining family. Comfort is important, but so is adding elements they may never have gotten to enjoy before—like creating a fantasy bath escape, or experimenting with a contemporary kitchen design instead of a traditional one, or finally putting in those floors they’ve dreamed about for years.