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Marmoleum Flooring

If you’re searching for a highly sustainable, durable, and versatile flooring option, Marmoleum floors will fulfill all your needs!

Marmoleum floor installed in kitchen
Retro-look Marmoleum Floors in Slate Green, Butter, and Charcoal
Installed by Slaughterbeck Floors in San Jose, CA

Marmoleum by Forbo is a brand of linoleum flooring that is not only beautiful, but will last for decades with simple, proper care.

It’s an environmentally friendly green flooring product, with a huge selection of colors and styles. There are over 300 Marmoleum colors to choose from!

At our Campbell showroom, we carry 800+ samples of floor coverings.
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Our flooring artists can design intricate patterns with the Marmoleum, giving you the option for beautiful, custom, one-of-a-kind designs.

We work with your vision to create your perfect dream floor!

marmoleum green flooring in san jose
Marmoleum Click Panel in 3 Different Colors Installed by Slaughterbeck Floors in San Jose, CA

Forbo Flooring Systems

Forbo Flooring Systems is a Swiss company committed to providing the most innovative, high-quality floors on the market. A leading global player in the flooring industry, Forbo delivers truly sustainable flooring options and is known for its fierce commitment to the environment and social causes.

Marmoleum, one of Forbo’s specialties, is a type of linoleum flooring known for its sustainability and durability. Forbo’s incredible line of Marmoleum flooring products is comprised mostly of the natural oil pressed from flax seeds.

Therefore, if you’re searching for natural and eco-friendly floors that are versatile and durable, then Marmoleum is one of the best options you can find on the market.

Stop by the Slaughterbeck Showroom in Campbell, CA to see how the natural composition of Marmoleum creates a beautiful appearance while offering the benefits of simple cleaning and maintenance.

Marmoleum Real Collection in Chartreuse (green) & Fresco Collection in Eternity (gray) by Forbo
Marmoleum Real Collection in Chartreuse (green) & Fresco Collection in Eternity (gray) by Forbo

Forbo Marmoleum is a Durable Green Flooring Product

If you’re looking for eco-friendly flooring, Marmoleum is hard to beat. Marmoleum is made with 97% natural materials along with recycled content!

Marmoleum is composed of raw materials such as:

  • Linseed Oil (from flax plant seeds)
  • Wood Flour (from controlled forests)
  • Rosins
  • Jute Fibers
  • Environmentally Responsible Pigments & Adhesives

Together, these natural ingredients help strengthen the floor over time, adding to Marmoleum’s durability. It’s well known as a high-quality green flooring that is great for both residential and commercial uses.

Our customers love that this is a natural, environmentally friendly flooring option that is 100% biodegradable!

Delivering elegance, sustainability, and style, Marmoleum flooring successfully manages to be beautiful and environmentally sustainable at the same time.

A great choice for homeowners and businesses looking for flooring options that are affordable and good for the environment, Marmoleum is made from 70% renewable materials. 43% of that renewable material is recyclable.

Unlike many other flooring options, naturally sourced Marmoleum offers a CO2-neutral product range that will add comfort, style, and warmth to your home for decades to come.

Topshield2 UV-Finish

Marmoleum floors have a specialized UV-finish applied as the final step to help prevent staining, scuffing, and scratches. This process adds two additional UV-cured layers over the linoleum surface making the floor last longer and require less maintenance & cleaning.

Marmoleum Walton Cirrus Collection – Ink by Forbo
Marmoleum Walton Cirrus Collection – Ink by Forbo

Benefits of Marmoleum – Why Marmoleum is Better for Your Home and Business

  1. Non-toxic – it will not release toxic chemical residues or harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC). Contains no phthalates, plasticisers, or mineral oil!
  2. Antibacterial – reduces the growth of microorganisms for a cleaner environment.
  3. Anti-static – helps repel dirt and dust, a major advantage for allergy sufferers.
  4. Low maintenance – it’s easy to clean with dust and damp mopping.
  5. Durable and long-lasting – the strong protective top layer, Topshield2, enhances durability.
Marmoleum Black & White Checkerboard Floor Installed in Kitchen Nook of San Jose Home

Types of Marmoleum

Marmoleum comes in two primary forms, tiles and solid sheets. Each has its benefits, depending on how and where you want to use this flooring.


They are mounted on cork backing, which offers comfortable, quiet flooring. They can be installed as either floating via Marmoleum Click or glue-down.

Tile Marmoleum flooring is resistant to water, but it is not waterproof so keep in mind it is best installed in rooms that don’t have a lot of moisture. Spills should be cleaned within 30 minutes.


They are available in large rolls and are adhered to the floor with a special adhesive. They are installed as glue-down.

This form of Marmoleum is better for rooms that have moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms.

natural marmoleum linoleum floors
Marmoleum Flooring Samples in Our Campbell Showroom

Styles of Marmoleum

Available in a wide array of colors and textures, you can create bold and unique one-of-a-kind looks by mixing colors or by having the Marmoleum installed strategically.

If you’re looking for simpler, but still sophisticated designs, single-colored Marmoleum floors are the way to go.

Besides captivating colors from bright to warm neutrals, Marmoleum planks and tiles can also take on the appearance of wood, concrete, stone, and marble.

To finish off with a touch of creativity, custom Marmoleum borders can also be added to your floors. You are truly only limited by your imagination because the options are endless when it comes to Marmoleum!

How to Maintain Marmoleum Flooring

It’s very important that you use care when cleaning Marmoleum floors.

  • Don’t use a steam cleaner or hot water to clean your Marmoleum flooring.
  • Only use the recommended cleaning solutions or neutral pH cleaners.
  • Don’t oversaturate your Marmoleum flooring.
  • Over time you may want to reseal your flooring to keep it in good condition.
Calico & Pluto Marmoleum Flooring in San Jose Kitchen

From Unique Colors to Designs, Marmoleum Offers It All

Marmoleum is well-loved by many homeowners and businesses for the versatility it offers. Natural ingredients in Marmoleum are mixed into unique and colorful designs, ranging from subtle marbled to modern concretes and intriguing striped patterns.

Want to add sleek, modern flooring to your place?

  • Forbo’s Striato design is a wonderful way to add dimension and character to large, open spaces.
  • Created by mixing 8 elegant colors while still retaining a predominant hue, the vivid and inviting Vivace design is a surefire way to add elegance and radiance to your home.
  • Offering a range of high-contrast blacks and whites as well as complimentary grays, the Graphic design boasts a stately and palatial feel that will bring style and sophistication to your home for years to come.
  • Resembling subtle concrete structures with gorgeous and ornate color nuances, Forbo’s Concrete Marmoleum design perfectly suits today’s modern interiors.

If you’re looking for truly versatile linoleum floors for your next home improvement project, look no further than Marmoleum.

Marmoleum Real Collection – Green by Forbo
Marmoleum Real Collection – Green by Forbo

Why Linoleum?

Linoleum flooring is a terrific option for anyone wanting to make his or her home environmentally friendly and stylish. Highly durable and made from raw materials such as solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, and wood flour, lino flooring is unique in the fact that it’s sourced from organic ingredients. Long lasting, good for the environment and easy on the budget, linoleum flooring is a win-win for homeowners.

Marmoleum Textura Collection – North Sea Coast by Forbo
Marmoleum Textura Collection – North Sea Coast by Forbo

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