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Green flooring

Green Flooring

Consideration for the planet has us rediscovering many renewable and responsible products. Slaughterbeck Floors offer a variety of products that are environmentally responsible, durable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing earth-friendly floors for your home enables you to be kind to the environment; many of these green floors are also low-maintenance, comfortable, and quite attractive!

Cork flooring is one of the most sustainable and renewable sources of flooring available today. The cork floors that we carry satisfy LEED credits for Rapidly Renewable Materials, Recycled Content, and Low Emitting Materials. They are also finished with a zero-VOC natural oil; overall, they are an excellent choice to promote green building, reduce environmental impact, and clean the air in your home! Cork is also easy on the foot and a great insulator. When harvested, cork does not kill the tree. It continues growing and producing more cork for years to come!

Linoleum floors: Made from linseed oil, wood flour, rosins, ecologically responsible pigments and jute backing; eco-friendly linoleum is a good and affordable choice. It comes in either sheet or laminate style flooring. Linoleum was common more than 50 years ago and has been seeing a great resurgence due to its earth-friendly composition (linseed oil, wood or cork powder and ground limestone). Modern linoleum floors are low-VOC emission and highly durable.

FSC Certified: With regard to hardwood flooring, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a certification process that confirms the chain of custody of the product. It is meant to ensure the responsible harvesting of forests. When purchasing hardwood, ensure it is FSC certified.

Reclaimed Wood: Salvaged or reclaimed wood from bridges, farms and old structures can also be reworked into beautiful flooring and finished with water-based finishes. Come visit our showroom to explore The Slaughterbeck Floors – Reclaimed Collection, which can be installed prefinished, unfinished, hand scraped or smooth. Several styles we stock are actually reclaimed from 19th century barns!

Engineered Wood Flooring: This kind of flooring is a layered construction instead of a solid milled piece of lumber. The top layer is from the tree, sometimes called the wear layer. It is combined with a plywood base to create the flooring. Some consider this to be a more efficient hardwood product and, because it uses much less wood, an environmentally friendly way to construct flooring. For example, solid Brazilian Cherry Wood is most often ¾” thick; an engineered piece uses 5/32” or less for the wear layer over a plywood base.

Green carpet is made with either renewable sources such as corn or recycled plastics. A recently introduced nylon carpet fiber is recyclable into new carpet once you decide it’s time to replace it.

Bamboo flooring is highly renewable, durable, and looks great. New bamboo grows from the same plant after it has been harvested, so no replanting is needed.

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a rating system that measures a building’s use and implementation of sustainable products and practices.

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