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Our Hardwood Floors Win Awards.

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Our motto is simple – quality floors you can stand on.

This is especially true when it comes to the details of our specialty: HARDWOOD FLOORING.

We are THE most experienced hardwood flooring store in the San Jose Bay Area and you’ll know it once you talk with our staff about your project. Many of our hardwood flooring installers have been with us for over 20 years and their seasoned craftsmanship is reflected in the way your new wood floors will fit the intricate details of your home’s space, seamlessly forming with sharp corners, curves, steps and transitions to other rooms or flooring types.

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Here are a couple of our favorite wood flooring projects that we completed for homeowners in the San Jose area. Both of these projects won local remodeling awards, something we love to collect and showcase in our showroom!

Award Winning Hardwood Flooring San Jose
Prefinished Distressed Plank Hardwood Floor in Campbell

If you’re looking to update your home or business, hardwood floors are one of the smartest upgrades you can make. A nearly endless selection of styles and types of wood meet ultimate function. Hardwood floors are not only beautiful, but can also drastically increase the value of your property.

Add High-End Looks & Lasting Value To Your Home
By Exploring The World Of Hardwood Flooring

Types Of Hardwood

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Styles Of Hardwood

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Species Of Wood

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Hardwood Flooring

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Selecting A Finish

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Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors are one of the smartest upgrades you can make

Hardwood Floors can Transform your Ordinary Space into a Timeless Natural Oasis with Style & Function that Seamlessly Fits any Room.

In fact, the reasons why you’ll love wood floors in your home or business are endless. There’s a reason they are and have been the most popular floor covering around.

Here’s a Sampling of What Wood Flooring Offers
For Your Home or Business:

Increases property value and appeal that draws in buyers and makes your home easier to sell at a higher price when the time comes. Research from USA Today showed 54% of buyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors; on average, $2,080 more. When it comes to home prices in San Jose hardwood floors can really make a big difference.
Many wood flooring brands we carry are environmentally-friendly, coming from renewable forests.
Hardwood floors in San Jose and surrounding areas are great for allergy sufferers or homes with pets. Wood is hypoallergenic, so it won’t hold onto dust and other allergens. And it makes it easy to clean up accidents and spills.
Year-round comfort with wood flooring that stays warm in chilly months of the Los Gatos mountains and cool in the hot summers of San Mateo and San Jose.
Depending on the wood species, it’s softer on the feet and joints than tile or stone.
Hardwood flooring offers classic elegance and a wealthful appearance with the enduring beauty and structural integrity of hardwood.
Design versatility with an array of shades, species, custom design inlays, custom floor layouts/patterns  and finishes that let you easily match your current style or create a new look throughout the room.
Extreme durability that holds up well even in high-traffic areas and can be refinished with minimal effort and cost. Hardwood floors can easily last for generations.

Beautiful Homes Start with Beautiful Floors Call us (408) 379-5813

Hardwood Flooring Alternatives

Our staff is our strength. Whether you’re speaking with Joan, Jim, Sherry or Dominic, you’ll have a wonderful guide to educate you on hardwood flooring options and helping you decide which floor covering is right for you.

Our staff is our strength.

Stop by our flooring showroom in Campbell to explore our wood flooring samples!

We carry over 35 species of wood from over 25 manufacturers.
Come in to view samples and take some home to see how well they harmonize with your décor.