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Building Customer Relationships Starts When We Estimate A Job

Every job and every customer is different, and each should be treated as such. With some customers, we can guess what their concerns will be. If we’re at a bid and the lady has three young kids running around, we probably won’t go into the details of describing the chemistry of different finishes or other minute details. She probably cares more about the job getting done on time and that we leave her home clean.

Customers who are around retirement age tend to do business in a more careful way. They want details. They want us to take time with them. We often sit at the kitchen table and have a cup of coffee with them while we talk about the job.

No matter who the customer is, it’s about engaging them. We want to spend as much time as the customer has—to learn more about them and what kind of flooring they want. More often than not, we will be rewarded with the job and a lifelong customer.