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Earth Friendly Floors

Choosing earth-friendly floors for your home enables you to be kind to the environment while at the same time, you can make your home as attractive, low-maintenance, and comfortable as with any other flooring choice.

  • Consider cork floors; they are easy on the feet and good noise insulators. When harvested, cork does not kill the tree. It continues growing and producing more cork.
  • Linoleum floors were common more than 50 years ago, and they are seeing a great resurgence due to their earth-friendly composition (linseed oil, wood or cork powder and ground limestone). Linoleum floors are low-VOC emission, look great these days, and are long lasting, too.
  • Salvaged or reclaimed wood from bridges, farms and old structures can be reworked into beautiful flooring and finished with water-based finishes, adding to their green.
  • Green carpet is made with either renewable sources such as corn or recycled plastics. A recently introduced nylon carpet fiber is recyclable into new carpet once you decide it’s time to replace it.