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Floors As Art

Floors can represent a good percentage of the budget when remodeling your entire home. So, why not add some creativity and make your floor more interesting than just a place to walk. With a little planning, most floors can become expressive and add value to your home.

Let’s start with vinyl floors. Consider a color that complements the countertops and cabinets instead of a neutral. Linoleum (yes, it’s back) is the green alternative to vinyl, and it can be installed with borders and feature strips, as well as with colorful inserts and designs.

Carpet can be installed with borders and patterns. Hardwood has limitless options, too, including borders and feature strips, as well as inserts-all for inspiring designs. Consider that a tree fell down in your yard, or that you had to take it down. We can use your trees to create interesting “art features” in entryways, family rooms and dining rooms.

Recycled leather floors are another option.

Consider mixing types of floors.

  • Frame a leather floor with hardwood or the other way around.
  • Mix tile and hardwood to create a pattern that has depth and a look of richness.
  • Instead of using traditional hardwood for feature strips in flooring, think about using copper or stainless steel for a contemporary look.

Cork floors now come in almost every color you can imagine. Try combining two or three colors of cork in squares to get that random look in your floor.

With some limits (sub floor and moisture, to name a few), you are only limited by your imagination to create stunning looks of art with your floors. And, of course, we at Slaughterbeck Floors, Inc. have the artists to show you how to turn your floor into a work of art.