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How Do You Make A White Kitchen More Inviting?

Accompanying photos are examples from the interior design site, Houzz.

Bring In Color:

Bring in colorful rugs. There are infinite options available in bright colors and interesting patterns. Or look at the many new floor treatments in wood and vinyl. Each is a great way to add contrast and personality, while breaking up that solid sea of white.

Add Visual Interest With Art:

If you have a galley-style kitchen, hanging a large work of art on the far wall will create a focal point and visually draw you into the space. For that blank space, go big or go home! Cover the area with a large framed poster or print, or with a grouping of framed personal photographs. This will make the kitchen feel bigger, and will add personality and warmth.

Paint One Wall With An Accent Color:

Paint one wall with a bold accent color. It will liven up the space and brighten your day!

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