Floor-ology / Resilient Floors: A Perfect Marriage of Practicality and Beauty

Resilient Floors: A Perfect Marriage of Practicality and Beauty

The resilient flooring we know today is luxurious, rich, varied and well-crafted. It also honors the durability and value of its linoleum and sheet-vinyl ancestors, which were found mostly in kitchens and bathrooms.

"Resilient", by the way, is an all-encompassing term for flooring that includes vinyl, linoleum, rubber and even cork. Today’s "resilients" have the look and feel of natural wood, stone and tile, with all the performance benefits of synthetic materials.

Improvements in image fidelity, along with advancements in realistic texturing and wear-surface technology, have made resilient flooring more beautiful and more versatile than ever before. Resilient is making its way into rooms it dared not venture into in the past. How about a resilient hardwood pattern in the living room? Or a resilient that looks like a custom tile for the dining room?

Resilients’ biggest advantage is their practicality. Resilients are easy to clean, which makes them great for kitchens, bathrooms and nurseries. This kind of practicality can apply anywhere in the home, and the applications for resilient flooring are expanding as fast as the selection of colors, designs and styles available.