Floor-ology / “Woodn’t” It Be Nice?

“Woodn’t” It Be Nice?

All dwellings, even new ones, can have a fascinating history if you incorporate a bit of the past into the structure. One of the most eco-friendly ways to do that is with reclaimed, custom flooring made from wooden structures from around the world.

All reclaimed wood has an intriguing history, whether it’s removed from an old mansion, public buildings or even an old industrial facility, there is a story to it that adds an unexpected value to the wood when its’ reclaimed.

Homeowners are proud of the history behind their reclaimed flooring, and often collect pictures of the original sites and structures they came from. It’s a good conversation piece for guests, and owners get the unique look of the wood and the beauty of the floor. Another benefit of using reclaimed wood is the green appeal. Customers are delighted that this fine wood is being reused and not destroyed.