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Bamboo Floors
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Bamboo Floors

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Slaughterbeck Floors no longer carries Bamboo Flooring.

We recommend WPC Waterproof Flooring as a superior alternative.

Bamboo floors are beautiful additions to your home. They offer a unique touch of elegance, while having the strength that you need in order to maintain a busy household or office.

This cost effective flooring is a very popular option for many of the reasons listed below, but also because of how attractive and simply beautiful it is. Bamboo flooring is a renewable resource that can make any home warm and environmentally friendly.

Reward Flooring - Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo
Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Floors by Reward Flooring

Naturally Stable for Unmatched Durability

Bamboo flooring has the compression strength to withstand heavy traffic areas, as well as the wear and tear that children and pets can put on a floor. While it is exceptionally durable, it will not be as hard on your legs and feet as standing a concrete floor or hardwood flooring.

Because bamboo grows in such tropical high heats and is a renewable resource, it is able to withstand extremely hot temperatures. It’s dimensionally stable; therefore, it does not swell or contract like hardwood flooring and it’s a great choice for rooms that continually have hotter temperatures like kitchens and laundry rooms. It’s also a great choice in humid temperatures.

US Floors - Expessions Vintage
Expressions Vintage – Sambucca Bamboo Floors by USFloors

Highly Sustainable Natural Resource

When you decide to go with bamboo flooring, you have made an environmentally protective choice. It’s one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available and is a great choice for those who practice being green.

Bamboo is cut above the roots; therefore, it neither harms the plant nor requires replant. After being harvested, the plant regrows quickly and is regenerated, making it a green and renewable resource.

Because it’s a product of nature, bamboo floorings are unique in style and are an elegant choice for most rooms in your home. It can easily warm up a room and make your home one that is admired by visitors.

Teragren - Elements PureForm Bamboo
Elements – PureForm Bamboo Floors by Teragren
Bamboo Flooring Samples

There are many options to choose from as bamboo floor coverings come in a variety of styles and textures:

    • Carbonized bamboo: This style of bamboo gets its color by caramelizing sugar within the bamboo using steam which produces a rich color that people desire in their homes.
    • Hand scraped stained bamboo: This offers a finish that is elegantly contoured. The grooved look of the flooring is a wonderful choice for those who love a rustic and unique style.
    • Strand bamboo: The hardest and most dense option available. The shredded bamboo fibers are compressed using heat. The end result is a beautiful floor that has the strength to withstand the heaviest of traffic areas in your home.
    • Natural bamboo: This is exactly what it sounds like; it is non-carbonized and non-stained, so you get all of the elegance of bamboo in its natural state.

Slaughterbeck Floors no longer carries Bamboo Flooring.

We recommend WPC Waterproof Flooring as a superior alternative.

Teragren Flooring Samples
Bamboo Flooring Samples
    • Teragren
    • Gala Manufacturing
    • Reward Flooring
    • US Floors
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