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Flooring Industry Makes Its Way Back Home

Made In USA Made in America – it’s more than just national pride; it makes good business sense. There are multiple and growing benefits to manufacturing at home; logistics are simpler- freight charges, turnaround time, and quality control—to name a few.
From a business standpoint, local manufacturing for local markets makes more and more sense. Transportation costs, supply chain management, environmental concerns and understanding the local consumer tastes make it more simple and efficient to manufacture in the home market.

Most major flooring companies have made domestic production part of their corporate strategy. This means they are maintaining jobs within the US economy, helping mitigate the potential impacts that come with the global transfer of raw materials and finished goods.

After weathering the recession, Americans today see it as their responsibility and duty to shop locally and buy domestically produced goods. That’s why we have made sure you can find USA made products on our website.

usa flagLook for this flag icon next to the logos of our suppliers on our products pages to see which ones provide USA made products.