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American Made Flooring

July – Featured Floors

Celebrate America, Buy American!

Floors made in the USA have become popular in recent years; more people are turning towards domestic manufacturing rather than settling with imported floors. American made floors have been winning the hearts of many Americans with their advantages from high quality to helping improving American economy.

Shaw Hardwood Flooring made in USA
Pebble Hill Hickory 5 hardwood flooring made in USA by Shaw Floors

The Matter of Quality & Safety

Some of the most important aspects of flooring made in the USA are the high quality and safety standards that many imported floors fail to have. Domestic flooring manufacturers have a much stricter quality control of their products since the manufacturing process is easily accessible and monitored. On the other hand, overseas manufacturers often provide cheap floorings products at the cost of quality materials.

armstrong vinyl tile
Luxury Vinyl Tile by Armstrong

Flooring products tend to have certain chemicals in them; some are poisonous at high levels. All floors made in the USA undergo strict and rigorous regulations to ensure toxic chemicals are low and beneath the standards. This regulation ensures American-made floors are safe for you and your family.

Imported floors do not have such regulations and often have low safety standards due to cheap productions. The unregulated toxic chemicals in imported floors could be detrimental to your family’s health.

A recent example of this is Lumber Liquidators’ Chinese laminates discovered to contain extreme levels of cancer-causing agent, formaldehyde. Laminate flooring made in the USA, on the other hand, from a reputed supplier like Shaw undergoes rigorous testing and quality confirmation.

Broad Impact Beyond Your Home

Floors made in the USA not only affect your home, but also the American economy. The domestic manufacturing of these floors offers Americans jobs and promotes economic growth.

In addition to showing your patriotism and pride for America, purchasing USA-made floors also shows your support for safe working environments and child labor laws that foreign labor laws often fail to protect.

Anderson virginia vintage
Virginia Vintage Hardwood by Anderson Floors

We Are a Proud Provider of Made in USA Floors!

We offer many American floors from hardwood flooring made in the USA to laminates, vinyl, and more. Visit our showroom to view samples of these USA-made floor suppliers!

  • ArmstrongLuxury vinyl tile, Man-made tile
  • Anderson – Prefinished hardwood
  • Mannington – Vinyl only
  • Marmorette by Armstrong – Linoleum
  • Mullican – Prefinished hardwood
  • Oshkosh – Prefinished hardwood
  • Shaw – Prefinished hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl
  • Sheoga – Prefinished hardwood
  • Summit – Prefinished hardwood
  • Virginia Vintage – Prefinished hardwood

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